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Looking for a Traffic Ticket Lawyer? Ticket Snipers Can Help

California traffic ticketHiring the right traffic attorney to fight your case is expensive. Despite their pedigree, many so-called traffic lawyers do other things besides fight a traffic ticket. There’s a high likelihood that a California traffic ticket attorney, while sure to cost you more, is not as experienced – or as successful – in fighting traffic tickets like Ticket Snipers.

Thanks to Ticket Snipers, you don’t need to hire an expensive California traffic ticket lawyer without any guarantee. Ticket Snipers routinely contests – and beats – the following violations with an Iron-Clad Money Back Guarantee:

  • Red light tickets — officer issued, photo-enforced
  • Speeding tickets – radar, lidar, pacing and laser
  • Stop sign and turn signal tickets, including “rolling stop”
  • Cell phone and seat belt tickets
  • Any traffic ticket issued in California

At Ticket Snipers, we know how to fight a traffic ticket because that is all we do. Since 2008, we have dismissed over 10,000 violations and counting; try to find a traffic lawyer who can say that. We developed a unique set of procedures that allows us to efficiently and effectively beat any type of traffic ticket. (Efficient means saves you money!) You don’t even have to appear in court.

FACT: We Beat Traffic Tickets (Over 10,000) and are Here to Help


Dismissal Calculator Reveals Value of Fighting a Traffic Ticket

Our state of the art Traffic Ticket Dismissal Calculator is an easy, no obligation way to calculate the chances of Ticket Snipers’ getting your ticket dismissed. Try to answer the questions as best you can for the most accurate reading. The Ticket Dismissal Calculator can help you decide on hiring Ticket Snipers to help you beat a traffic ticket.

California traffic tickets cost more – way more – than similar tickets issued in other states. In fact, the state collects an average of $500 million annually from traffic violations. Violators routinely pay $250-$500 per ticket from fines and penalty assessments. And this does NOT include the costs of traffic school or what you’ll pay in increased insurance rates. Now that’s criminal!



Even if you’re thinking, “Well, maybe I was driving too fast,” or “Hey, I did kinda do a California stop,” it doesn’t matter. At Ticket Snipers, we estimate the annual cost of a traffic violation to be well over $3000 (total cost) when factoring in fees, penalty assessments, and insurance rate hikes. You don’t want to pay that. We know the laws/loopholes as well or better than any California traffic ticket lawyer and we can help you win.

Let the pros at Ticket Snipers and not a stuffy, high-priced traffic ticket lawyer do the fighting for you. We win more than 80 percent of cases and we can win yours as well. Our company proudly offers the best guarantee in the business; if we can’t get your ticket dismissed, we’ll issue a refund. So really, the only thing you have to lose is your ticket. Begin the process by calling us at (888) 647-1120 or click on the Get Started page.

Disclaimer: Ticket Snipers is California’s most efficient and effective ticket-fighting legal company, dismissing over 10,000 tickets — No Fines, No Points and No Court Appearances. Our legal group charges far less than an average traffic ticket defense attorney, though our services are the same or better because beating traffic tickets is ALL we do. Our first class legal service also comes with a best in the business Money Back Guarantee.

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