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Need Traffic Ticket Help? You’ve Come to the Right Place

Thank you for choosing Ticket Snipers® for your traffic ticket help needs. Our experienced legal team has an 80 percent success rate or higher of dismissing traffic tickets in California. To date we have sniped more than 10,000 traffic violations and feel confident we can snipe your ticket as well.

Whether you are seeking speeding ticket help or any general traffic ticket help, you can count on Ticket Snipers® to do everything we can to develop a winning, traffic ticket defense.

Ticket Snipers® makes it easy to get help fighting your traffic tickets. Simply read and complete our form below and we can get started. Please have your physical ticket in hand so we can get the most accurate information possible in order to develop your traffic ticket defense strategy.

The Ticket Snipers’® state-of-the-art services include:

  • A money back guarantee if we can’t win your case – how’s that for confidence.
  • A commitment to “NO court appearance, NO fines / fees, NO traffic school, NO points on your license and NO hiked insurance rates.
  • An experienced, knowledgeable legal team that is dedicated to winning your case – all we do is help fight traffic tickets.
  • Our traffic ticket help center provides top notch customer service and answers your questions.

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Ticket Snipers® estimates a traffic violation can cost you thousands of dollars a year if left uncontested. Pleading guilty and paying fines can cost you:

  • $275-$500 in fines
  • Plus $100 or more in traffic school
  • Plus $1800 or more per year in hiked insurance rates

At Ticket Snipers®, our speeding ticket help starts at $199 with other traffic ticket help such as seat belt or cell phone tickets starting out as low as $99. Considering the cost savings Ticket Snipers® offers – and its money back guarantee – all you have to lose is your ticket.

Ticket Snipers® Offers a Winning Traffic Ticket Defense for Less

And remember, getting your ticket sniped and dismissed means you pay nothing and no points appear on your license. (This means your insurance rate won’t spike.) It is as if the traffic ticket in California was completely zapped and erased.

So thanks again for choosing Ticket Snipers® to dismiss your ticket. Complete our form and feel free to give our traffic ticket help center a call at (888) 647-1120 if you have any questions about the process.

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satisfaction guarantee

satisfaction guarantee